BLOCK AND STORY VISIT US ONLINE AT KODOKIDS.COM OR CALL US TODAY AT 1.844.563.6543 9 WOOL PLAYSCAPE MATS SET • $99 Seven beautifully crafted wool mats create a focused space to inspire story, exploration, and investigation. The texture and vibrant colors create an inviting area for children to play. We love to offer them with animal and people figures. Great on Kodo's Playscape Platforms. Largest Mat is approximately 19" x 16". 18 Mos+ WOOL RIVER PLAYSET • $199 A charming playscape for any classroom, the Wool River Playset includes a large felted wool mat depicting grass and a river. It also includes wool trees, rocks, bushes, a log, and a carved wooden foot bridge. Two people, their dog, 2 river ducks, and a hedgehog inhabit the space. This beautiful hand-crafted set can be used to create a new story center in your classroom, library, or community space. Use it in the art studio to inspire children to craft additional pieces out of felt and fabrics. Or add it to the block and construction space to inspire children to build a city scape nearby. 20 piece set 3+ Wool Playscape Mats Set Wool River Playset Use Playscape Mats to inspire story making!