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Modular Building Sets

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Beautiful building sets for endless imaginative play! Handmade in Seattle.

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Modular Castle Set
Modular Tree House Set
Modular Doll House Set

  • Modular Castle Set
  • Modular Treehouse Set
  • Modular Dollhouse Set
Children can build entire fantasy worlds with these beautifully made building sets, then take the pieces apart and store them flat on a shelf. The possibilities for imaginative play are literally endless.

The Castle Tower set comes with moveable ladders so that noble knights and ladies can move from floor to floor. The platforms are notched on three sides so that the possibilities for locking in the tower walls are extended even further. Total of 15 Pieces including ladders.

The organic lines of the Tree House Set offer hours of imaginative play. Wizards, gnomes, knights, hobbits, and all forest creatures will find a home on this large tree. This set comes with three moveable ladders so that creatures can climb from level to level. Total of 9 pieces including ladders.

Our Modular Dollhouse Tower set invites play from children of all ages. This set can be built in so many ways - your child can set up a large open dollhouse, two adjoining dollhouses, or a town. This set is perfect for children whose imaginative play spills out of traditional dollhouses into the larger play space. Total of 15 pieces including ladders.

The Castle Walls extend the building potential with many smaller walls. Can me mixed and matched with other sets. Includes 15 walls.

-Each piece is notched to interlock with the other pieces. -Walls vary in size, from approximately 5" x 6" to approximately 12" x 24". -Made from a high grade 3/8" birch plywood, an eco-friendly, durable material. Please note younger children will love playing with this set, but will need help fitting the pieces together from an adult. Dolls not included.

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