Typically, exploring the phenomenon of wind can only be done outside on windy days. Thankfully, Kodo designed and created the only wind tunnel that makes exploring wind ideal in the early childhood classroom. 

Endless Possibilities and Learning

When introducing the wind tunnel, Kodo likes to remind educators of the intense fun that tends to ensue. The joy of shooting as many items as possible, like the playsilks or the paper cone cups, and seeing them travel across the room is sure to bring numerous giggles and abundant laughter. Here at Kodo, we strongly encourage that playful learning! As you allow children to explore this type of engagement over several days or even weeks, know that the opportunity will arise to begin taking a deeper look at the endless possibilities of learning and exploration.

To engage inquiry thinking, we like to encourage asking the children their ideas of what should be tested in the wind tunnel. Or, measure and chart the distance that various objects flew! Of course, it doesn’t have to end there. Encourage a maker mentality of having them create flying thing-a-ma-jigs to test, make, refine, and test again! 

On National ‘Swap Ideas’ Day, we had numerous followers on social media send us some of their fun and unique ideas for the wind tunnel: 

Children testing scarves that have been tied together.

“At Discovery Early Learning Center we have had ours for a while, but this year we made a permanent spot for it within our environment. It has proven to be a wonderful choice because it offers the children more opportunity to grow their relationship with the tunnel through experience and experimenting. Today the children decided to connect several scarves threading the long trail through the tube and controlling it in the wind much like you would a kite. Another experiment the children tried was paper. First they tried a piece of folded paper then they tried a balled up piece, next a child had the idea of trying a paper airplane.” Kisha Reid, Discovery Learning Center, Poolesville, Maryland

“We love to use artificial flowers/ leaves with butterfly nets. We also use coffee filter, feathers, packing peanuts.” Melissa Bowles, Happy Hearts Daycare, Manhattan, KS 

“We also use it with a fitted sheet to make a fort and we love using it to blow bubbles.” Tammy Lockwood, Umbrella House, Lansing, Michigan

“We conducted a meeting with our preschoolers and these are some of their ideas….. water balloons, feathers, a roll of toilet paper 😂, clean socks, dirty socks, package peanuts, cotton candy, m&m’s, ribbons, bouncy balls. Teacher’s suggestions: autumn leaves and a money flying machine to buy all your Kodo products.” Rosie Pena De Licata, Little Shapes Preschool, Lincoln, California

“Today the children tried flip flops, art palettes, Christmas ornaments, red solo cups—miniature style. We also like scarves, ping pong and other balls, and those orange lightweight soccer cones. We have a variety of materials and allow children to make things like fairies, wind-born seeds, etc.”
Carla Gull, Loose Parts Play, Goshen, Indiana

Integrating STEM and 21st Century Skills

21st Century Skills

  • CREATIVITY: Children design and decorate wind mobiles using multiple materials and tools.
    • Expressive Language
    • Receptive Language
    • Vocabulary
  • CRITICAL THINKING: Children cycle through the scientific process by hypothesizing and testing their ideas.
  • COLLABORATION: Constructing with tools and materials in the Makerspace results in sharing ideas, considering the solutions of others, and working together.

Integrated STEM Concepts

    • Air and Wind
    • Cause and Effect
    • Data Collection and Analysis
  • TECHNOLOGY: Children use low-tech tools such as scissors to make and modify mobile flyers. Children explore machines.
  • ENGINEERING: Children design, build, and refine prototypes to test their ideas.
  • MATH
    • Size and Surface Area
    • Order and Patterning
    • Shape

Follow Along

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