Early childhood tools for investigation and discovery.
New Kodo Products

New Kodo Products

Kodo is proud to present one of our largest product launches to date

These products are designed to touch on 21st Century Learning Skills - Creativity, Communication, Critical Thinking, and Collaboration. They provide variety and versatility for children's play and exploration, resulting in integrated learning and increased goal achievement. On top of that, they are beautifully crafted to help you create exceptional learning spaces!

With Kodo products in your classroom, you'll quickly discover that as children's engagement increases, you have more time to make observations and document their skill development. 

From the conceptual design to the finished product, at Kodo, we are always looking through the lens of young children's learning outcomes. Our unique classroom tools develop children's critical, creative, and analytical thinking skills for problem-solving, collaborative play, and understanding STEM concepts. Give us a call to energize your program with wonder and excitement! 

Mobile Science and Sensory Lab

Mobile Science & Sensory Lab

Kodo’s modular Mobile Science & Sensory Lab is so versatile and engaging it activates children's desire to learn. The lab can be transformed and used for more than one purpose - it’s a sand table, a water systems station, a mud kitchen, and a scientific discovery area. This unique redesign of a standard classroom staple can be expanded further by adding sensory tools and magnetic components. Bring STEM learning anywhere with this innovative mobile lab!

Kodo Building Platform

Kodo Playscape Platforms

This new and unique building platform system will invigorate children’s block and story construction play. As they arrange the pieces to create terraced building platforms with blocks, ramps, and builders, they’ll take on the role of designer, engineer, and storyteller.

Papoose Toys


We are very pleased to offer Papoose products!  Crafted by hand using only wool, wood, and cotton, they are made under Fair Trade conditions. Kodo is proud to be the exclusive U.S. Education Distributor! These beautiful educational products encourage: Imagination and Dramatic Role Play - Storytelling and Story Setting Construction - Sensory Experiences - Development of Fine Motor Muscles - Counting, Sorting, Ordering, and More!



Check out our new line-up of Korxx Building Blocks products now featuring starter and color sets. All Korxx are made of special lightweight pressed cork material that result in slight friction between the block surfaces. This lets children build structures that push the limits of what is physically possible. They're strong but lightweight so when tall structures topple children are safe!


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