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Kodo Virtual Learning

At Kodo, we are committed to supporting teachers, children, and the ECE community. Through our professional development offering, Kodo has positively impacted thousands of teachers and countless children. As we look to the future with a focus on quality improvement,  virtual professional development is an obvious and effective choice. To supplement our team of on-site certified trainers, we are proud to introduce Kodo’s virtual training platform which includes our unique Professional Development Seminars (PDS), with an additional Professional Learning Community (PLC) for ongoing support, collaboration, and virtual gathering place for ECE professionals.

Virtual Learning Highlights:

  • Offered on an asynchronous schedule
  • Online portal allows learners to complete self paced modules
  • Collaboration with a Kodo professional development specialist and others within the course discussion forums
  • Active/reflective learning through discussion board questions and independent play sessions
  • Continued support through a professional learning community (PLC)

Course Topics

Initially, Kodo is offering 3 core trainings. We will be continually adding more Kodo developed trainings along with offerings from other trusted professionals in the early childhood field. Kodo’s Investigation Based Teaching Practices™ are aligned with CLASS™ and provides proven strategies to deepen Instructional Support. These strategies focus on responsive facilitation of children’s learning as they experience investigative, open-ended play. With a focus on STEM, particularly Engineering, Kodo’s Investigation Based Teaching Practices™ help educators recognize and establish habits of thoughtful, responsive facilitation engaging children with a 21st century learning approach. $35/course or $99 for all three courses!

  1. Learning Approaches to Foster Engineering | $35 | Within this first module of the series, learners examine the importance of the processes involved in fostering investigations; including the design process, embracing mistakes as opportunities for learning, and engaging in reflective practice.
  2. Adult and Child Interactions to Foster Engineering $35 | Learners explore their role in facilitating investigations through interactions. Explore 2 instructional strategies that promote positive adult child interactions which foster children‘s independence, executive function, and critical thinking. Learn instructional strategies to encourage language interactions, open-ended questions, and intentional provocations.
  3. Environmental Qualities to Foster Engineering $35 | Learners explore how to use the environment as a third teacher to encourage investigations which broaden and deepen children’s critical thinking and inquiry skills. Examine how to provide and create engaging environments through consideration of the organization and adaption of the environment.
  4. Other modules | Kodo is committed to the support of the many ECE trainers and coaches that provide enriching services for 21st century learners. We will continually be adding courses from trainers throughout the ECE field, so check back often!

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Virtual Professional Learning Community

Kodo’s community of practice is a supportive professional development platform for ECE leaders. Through a process of collective learning, attendees deepen practice, collaborate with peers, discuss ideas, obtain new strategies and address challenges around the integration of STEM or IBTP in the classroom. Our virtual classroom allows for facilitated discussions, live Q&A, webinars, and continual engagement to support educators in their daily practice and their commitment to continuous quality improvement (CQI).

Calling for Kodo Partners!!

Are you a trainer, coach, or ECE professional who has valuable content to share with the ECE community? Are you looking to expand beyond your current location or demographic? Kodo is looking for high quality trainings and presentations to host on our platform and is excited to work with you to bring your IP to a larger audience. Please contact us to find out about collaborating with Kodo to bring impact and help develop our ECE community.
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