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Professional Development Testimonials

Read what people have to say about Kodo Professional Development :

Professional Development TestimonialsI am happy to share that our experience with Kodo has been excellent. We learned a great deal from the professional development training that we attended. Specifically, the training helped us learn better strategies to edit our environment in a way that best encourages children's engagement. We also love the materials! Children never grow tired of playing with the variety of Kodo loose parts!

Jasmine Boster, Program Director, University of Michigan Towsley Children’s House

Professional Development Testimonials

I wanted to reach out to share my feelings, observations and overall experience at the Kodo training from yesterday. First and foremost, my trainer blew my mind! Her personality, engagement, enthusiasm and overall facilitation was beyond my expectations (which were high). It was one of the more rewarding trainings I have been to in a long time. I was very impressed with her approachability, innovative presentation and inquisitive nature of the training. The hands on aspect of the training was essential, practical and opened up many questions about our teaching practices. It was also enjoyable for me to observe our teachers using these open ended materials and document the process. The feedback thus far from teachers has been very positive. I believe teachers in all centers walked away from the training with an overall greater awareness of who they are as teachers (personally) as well as many key points on child development. It was truly a reflective experience. I had the privilege to have lunch with my trainer as well, and speaking with her was nothing short of enlightening. It was wonderful to learn from her stories/experiences and ideas about education. I can see why she is a great fit and representation of the Kodo company and philosophy. I am thrilled that The Young School has made this connection with you and look forward to another training in the fall.

The Young School is definitely on a journey to craft and design the best program in Early Childhood Education here in Maryland. Your products and trainings are now a part of our journey.  

Laura Kirchner, Director of Curriculum and Development, The Young School

Professional Development Testimonials

I attended the training in Aliso Viejo last Saturday and tried the Outdoor Ramps this morning with my class. I put the ramps on the carpet and the wooden balls in a basket and sat back and watched the amazing learning my class did! Within two minutes, two boys had figured out how to raise one of the ramps using a chair to elevate it. More children arrived and joined in the experimentation. They figured out how to use the basket turned upside down to elevate a second ramp, then experimented with making the balls jump from one ramp to another below it. Additional children used a hollow block at the end of the ramp to send the balls through. The children then found some loose parts (tinker toy balls and wheels) from inside a manipulative container to explore sending different objects down the ramps! And all of this happened within a 40 minute period first thing this morning. I can’t wait to see what happens when we add in other pieces from our kits from Kodo!!! Thank you for providing such a great training and for creating such fantastic materials. 

Natalie Hayes, Preschool Teacher / Site Facilitator, Don Juan Avila Elementary

Professional Development Testimonials

I loved the Kodo Kids trainings on STEM! I learned to think about STEM as a way of thinking and encouraging problem solving in the children I work with. We had a wonderful trainer, full of thought provoking anecdotes that really got me thinking. The trainer’s style was approachable and engaging. Everyone in my organization is buzzing about these trainings and left feeling inspired to teach STEM!

Kimberly Thai, Regional Education Coordinator, Bright Horizons

Learning Approaches to Foster Engineering - Online Virtual Learning - I really liked how the course incorporated many photos and a video, to illustrate and give life to the words on the screen. This topic was all very new to me as an ECE. Also, I did not even have any basic knowledge of engineering, for example the different types. Children in my class as very interested in engineering. So this course will help better equip me to support their learning.

Enhancing the Environment to Foster Engineering - Online Virtual Learning - The content of this was very thought-provoking and challenged my current way of thinking and doing things. I feel like I have to do more to provide interesting, provoking materials for the children and delve more into investigations with them. This made me step back and think about my room, my group and my practice, because it is so true, the environment is the teacher too.

Marcela Villarreal, Teacher, Green Apple Kids Toronto


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