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Pony Construction Set

Item# 209000

This unique building set uses ingenious blocks, pegs, and wheels for making sturdy and sizable creations!


  • Pony Construction Set
  • Pony Construction Set
  • Pony Construction Set
  • Pony Construction Set

Pony construction toys take creativity to a bigger scale! Children can build 7 different models, plus whatever their imaginations can create! The Pony Construction Set is a large-scale wooden loose parts set for preschool and school-age children that includes blocks, pegs, and wheels. With this set, kids can build a tricycle, scooter, locomotive, crane, cart, pony, and whatever else they dream up! We also recommend this set for use our Kodo Maker Magnets, if you happen to have one of our popular Magnet Walls! Popular in European classrooms, this set is made from high quality beech-wood.

Includes: 120 pieces

- 24 Beams

- 26 Connecting Rods

- 1 Pulley Wheel

- 4 Small Wheels

- 60 Pegs

- 1 Wooden Hammer

- 2 Shake-out Rods

- Rope

- Rubber Band

Appropriate for ages 4+

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