Canary Seed – 10lbs


A 10 lbs bag of Canary Seed. Canary is smooth and slick- similar to flax. The Canary Seed has a wonderfully smooth feel that children love to get their fingers on. Perfect for pouring and sorting on an activity tray and can be used with Kodo’s STAK and Sift N Sort.

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A small almond shaped seed. Great for pouring and has a wonderful feel. Great with Kodo’s STAK or Sift &Sort

Grinding Review: Not recommended for grinding.

Growing Review: Sprouts very subtly in 3 days. Starts out as a red shoot and then a green shoot appears out of the red. Not a hearty sprout, but instead is a thin grass. Great for creating a fairy garden! A very interesting growth process.

ITERS: 20. Nature/Science
ECERS: 22. Nature/Science
FCCERS : 20. Nature/Science

Appropriate for ages 3+