Criss-Cross Blocks


Developed as elevation pieces for our Rubber Ramps and Discovery ramps, you can also use them on their own as a construction set to make buildings, platforms, fences, bridges, and towers.

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We developed these to be used as elevation pieces for our Rubber Ramp and Discovery Ramps and have found how much kids love to use them as stand alone builders. Abstract structures spring to life as children pair and combine all the pieces. Our engineering and education departments made sure Criss-Cross Blocks were sized to work along with classroom unit blocks to offer versatility and play value!

They’re so unique and easy to assemble that kids use them all over the classroom! Use them on their own as a construction set to make buildings, platforms, fences, bridges, and towers. Offer small wooden people, animals, and vehicles for even more imaginative play. Small stuffed toys and baby dolls love to rest on them. Turned on it’s side, a Criss-Cross block can be used as 4 part sorting compartment for math manipulatives and even makes a terrific ball trap at the end of a ramp. Don’t be surprised if your children combine the pieces in all sorts of ways, pairing one tall piece with a small one and so on. Perfect for supporting fine motor development and increased spatial awareness, too! Want to expand the play? Consider pairing these unique builders with our set of Wood Biscuits

Adults love them because pairs come apart so easily to store flat. When disassembled they take up very little shelf or basket space.


  • 12 small pieces 5.5″ x 6″ to make 6 small criss-crosses
  • 6 medium pieces 11.5″ x 5.5″ to make 3 medium criss-crosses
  • 6 tall pieces 6″ x 11″ to make 3 tall criss-crosses

Criss-Cross Blocks are made from Baltic Birch. We recommend cleaning with a damp cloth and do not use harsh chemicals. Proudly made in the USA.

ECERS: 20. Blocks

Appropriate for ages 3+

Criss-Cross Blocks were designed to be put together and taken apart by children. We recommend that adults do not assemble the pairs, but rather encourage free exploration of this new material. Children will soon discover how simple it is to fit the slots together, but may, as we have seen first-hand, combine the individual pieces in abstract ways. This is just fine, as exploring a material’s properties is very valuable for understanding how the material can be used.

If you have our Rubber Ramp, Discovery Ramps, or your own cove moulding, then you’ll find out why children love to use these unique builders for gaining elevation. Adding height to one end of a ramp ensures increased speed of the traveling ball! (Children may need a bit of assistance from an adult to push the rubber ramp firmly into the notches, but after some time and experience, will be able to master it on their own.)

Unit blocks are standard in virtually every program we’ve encountered. Our own engineering and education teams made sure that Criss-Cross Blocks are proportional and work in conjunction with units for added interest and increased play value. The sky’s the limit when it comes to building with unit blocks. Now we’ve increased the capacity for children to add complexity to their designs.

Offer loose parts for children to combine, connect, and add even more dimension to their structures. Our Wood Planks and Wood Biscuits are pictured here. Use what you have available. Cardboard mailing tubes, pipe fittings, wood, plastic or cardboard planks, trays, bean bags, sandbags, spools, laundry soap caps, and rocks are some of our favorite items to offer for construction.