Enhancing Art IV


Completing the Enhancing Art material collections, set IV offers children a work in progress on a grand scale. The wall mounted Weaving Wall puts the focus on color, texture, order, pattern, perceptual motor skills, and collaboration. The wide range of tools in this set supports representation, creative expression, design, and exploration.

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Collection includes:

  • Sand Tray – Beautiful wooden tray with a clear base offers a space to create designs in the sand and play with the artisitic concepts of positive and negative space. Includes:
    • 2.2 lbs Fine Quartz Sand
    • One Sand Smoothing Tool
    • Two Sand Rakes
  • Sand Tray Mirror – Experiment with the artisitic concepts of reflection and symmetry. This acrylic mirror has wooden feet for use in the Sand Tray or on a table top.
  • Patterned Rolling Pins – This set of 4 wooden rolling pins are an essential art tool for sensory applications. Glide across sand or clay to reveal a pattern.
  • Sand Tray Light Panel – Place the Sand Tray Light Panel under the Sand Tray to illuminate the clear bottom. As sand is moved, vibrant white light fills the negative space.
  • Sand Tray Lid – Cover your Sand Tray when not in use to keep it free from dust and debris.
  • Sand Rollers Patterns – Strengthen fine motor control and create intricate patterns and compositions as these clear acrylic rollers glide across sand in the Sand Tray.
  • Sand Writer Set of 2 – The Sand Writer is essentially a funnel in pen form. Children fill the acrylic tube with very fine sand and it trickles out of the bottom.
  • Water Canvas – Paint with water on the white canvas and see your works of art turn black – then back to white as it dries! 5 yard roll.
  • Harlekino – 60 translucent cards in red, blue, and yellow in varying numbers of shapes introduce children to color theory. Use with or without a light panel.
  • Chalk Spinner with Accessories – The spinning chalkboard encourages artistic exploration and creativity, while developing critical skills such as fine motor coordination and dexterity. The Chalk Spinner has a chalkable top and sides encouraging children to explore “outside the lines”. The Creative Curriculum Interest Area Kit Includes:
    • Chalk Spinner Cover
    • Chalk – 12 Boxes of White
    • Chalk – 12 Boxes of Color
  • Slate Tablet – Encourage artisitic works outdoors. Wood framed large Slate Tablet is attached to a stand. Place it on the ground to be used with chalk, water, or a mash up of both. Includes chalk and one foam brush.
  • Discovery Boards – Crystal clear Discovery Boards are a 12″ wide by 9.5″ tall open-ended canvas for art, nature exploration, or table work. Set of 10 includes mini magnifiers.
  • Mirrored Shapes Set – Stainless steel cubes and cylinders are molds perfect for shaping Kinetic Sand, Mad Mattr, clay, or your own play dough.
  • Wall Mounted Weaving Wall – This large scale weaving wall is made up of a sturdy wooden frame and 30 wooden rails, 15 vertical & 15 horizontal. As children weave fibers and use the large loom combs to compact their work, they develop left to right and right to left motor coordination, eye-hand coordination, spatial reasoning, and patterning skills.
  • Activity Tray – Creates a focused and portable activity space for art, sensory play, small construction , and ramp experiences. 24″ x 24″ magnetic steel tray is watertight and framed in birch.

Product Age Ratings:
Activity Tray & Mirrored Shapes Set are appropriate for 18 months +
Wall Mounted Weaving Wall, Chalk Spinner with Accessories, Slate Tablet, Discovery Boards, Sand Tray, Sand Tray Mirror, Patterned Rolling Pins, Sand Tray Light Panel, Sand Rollers Patterns, Sand Writer, & Water Canvas are appropriate for ages 3+
Harlekino is appropriate for ages 4+

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