Enhancing Discovery IV


Developing a scientific disposition toward learning comes naturally with materials and equipment that foster curiosity and exploration.

We are currently sold out of some of the items which are part of this kit, but we are working hard to get them in-stock. The kit will ship in multiple shipments so that you can start enjoying the products as soon as possible.

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Collection includes:

  • Activity Tray – Creates a focused and portable activity space for art, sensory play, small construction, and ramp experiences. 24″ x 24″ magnetic steel tray is watertight and framed in birch.
  • Marble Rubber Ramp Custom Set – Children explore cause and effect relationships, speed, gravity, and force as they build roller coaster like courses. Includes:
    • 2 Sections 8ft. Marble Rubber Ramps
    • 5 Steel Balls
    • 30 Assorted Color Marbles
    • Canvas Storage Bag
  • Wooden Tubes – 16 handcrafted pieces in four sizes for sorting, ordering, and adding to your loose parts collection. Perfect to use as tunnels with our Marble Rubber Ramp.
  • Mini Wooden Bowls – Handcrafted wooden bowls for arranging, stacking, and counting are perfect for sorting small natural materials such as seeds and shells.
  • Small Earth Colors Wool Balls – Soft colors and natural texture appeal to the senses. Includes 49 1.5″ wool balls in 7 color: cream, grey, blue, sage, gold, brick, and taupe.
  • Gem Spinner – In addition to motor skills and visual perception, children will gain their first experiences with color mixing and physical laws, such as rotation and kinetic energy.
  • Rainbow Pegs Pack Full Set – Includes: 70 Acrylic .75″ diameter pegs approximately 2.75″ long. Ten each in Red, Yellow, Green, Blue, Violet, Pink and Clear come in a Canvas Storage Bag.
  • Natural Shape Viewers – Support children to focus their attention on the details by using these natural wood viewers. Set of 5 crafted of wood.
  • Animal Habitats Matching Tiles – Children match the animal with its habitat while at play with this beautiful game of wooden tiles.
  • Large Sorting Tray – Wood-framed tray with a write and wipe surface is perfect for examining children’s treasures and loose parts. Tray is divided into 1/4 and 3/4 sections.
  • Endless Pattern Tiles – 104 pattern tiles give children endless possibilities for creating lines, curves, loops, and more. Perfect for a Discovery or manipulatives area. Wooden tiles come in a cloth storage bag.
  • Kodo Light Laboratory Includes:
    • Light Lab Panel – The only light panel that allows direct physical control of color mixing – adjust the amounts of red, blue, and green for infinite color combinations. Includes Light Lab Panel and one screen protector.
    • Messy Materials Tray – Made to fit perfectly on the Light Lab but can also be used on a table or floor to hold sensory materials. Clear round tray is 25″ in diameter.
    • Light Lab Drawing Board – The clear Drawing Board protects your Light Lab Panel during artistic endeavors, while giving your children an illuminated canvas. Works with any dry erase pencil or dry erase crayon.
    • Light Lab Weaving Ring – The four pieces fit together like a puzzle that can be placed on top of the Light Lab or any surface. String yarn or elastic loops around the pegs to create a variety of shapes by weaving and looping around the circle
    • Light lab Marble Board – Colors from the Light Lab shine through small marble sized holes. When the Frosted Marbles are placed on the board, light reflects to create designs, patterns, and works of art. Includes 480 frosted marbles in a variety of colors.
    • Light Lab Storage Pod – Birch Base holds all the accessories for your Light Laboratory.

Product Age Ratings:
Gem Spinner is appropriate for 18 months +
Activity Tray is appropriate for 18 months +
Kodo Light Lab Panel, Natural Shape Viewers & Rainbow Pegs Pack Custom Set are appropriate for ages 2+
Light lab Marble Board, Light Lab Weaving Ring, Light Lab Drawing Board, Endless Pattern Tiles, Messy Materials Tray, Large Sorting Tray, Animal Habitats Matching Tiles, Small Earth Colors Wool Balls, Mini Wooden Bowls, Marble Rubber Ramp Custom Set & Wooden Tubes are appropriate for ages 3+

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