Enhancing Outdoors II


Support social skills development, expand sensory, math, and science explorations, and activate both minds and bodies with equipment and tools for use Outdoors.

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Collection includes:

  • Outdoor Funnel Stand – Wooden stand for funnels elevates scooping and pouring play. Includes 5 funnels in three sizes.
  • Set of 4 Large Scoops – Heavy duty clear scoops for indoor/outdoor sand and water play.
  • Outdoor Sifter Scoops – Durable Outdoor Sifter Scoops have a screen on one end for catching and sifting materials.
  • Sand Trowels – Create a variety of different designs by dragging, scooping, flattening, and stamping sand!
  • Outdoor Ramps With Sandbags – Constructive creativity is limitless when children play with these versatile outdoor ramps. Made for exploring the flow of water, balls, gravel, and slurry, the ramps and sandbags set is a great tool for children to explore force and motion with natural materials! This set is perfect to pair with our Pump Works. Includes:
    • 12 ramps in 4″ and 3″ diameter ramps: in 4 ft, 3 ft and 2 ft lengths
    • 10 2″ Weather Treated Wooden Balls
    • 20 Large Sandbags
    • 30 Small Sandbags
    • 50 Sandbag Ties

Product Age Ratings:
Outdoor Sifter Scoops are appropriate for 18 months +
Outdoor Ramps With Sandbags, Outdoor Funnel Stand, Large Scoops, & Sand Trowels are appropriate for ages 3+

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