Enhancing Toys and Games II


Materials for individuals, pairs, and small groups offer many opportunities for children to communicate and cooperate. Expertly designed tools for your Toys and Games area stimulate the senses and promote a wide range of emerging skills.

We are currently sold out of some of the items which are part of this kit, but we are working hard to get them in-stock. The kit will ship in multiple shipments so that you can start enjoying the products as soon as possible, call 720-340-2704 for estimated delivery

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Collection includes:

  • Balance – Beautiful wooden balance is a simple tool for children to learn about relative weight, mass, and proportion through play. Includes metal cups.
  • Table Towers – A variety of natural wood pieces and shapes inspire children to build, balance, and construct. Includes 75 assorted cubes, rings, spools, people figures, and more. Storage bag included.
  • Gemstone Matching Tiles – Twelve large wooden tiles feature six pairs of over-sized colorful gemstones to arrange and match.
  • Yim Yams Earth Colors – Set of 8 pieces create 4 Yim Yams to be used on their own for matching or combined with other loose parts for arranging and composition.
  • Wool Balls Color Sorting Set – Use for counting, patterning, ordering, rolling, tossing, representing, and, of course, sorting! The 56 piece set includes seven wool balls in seven rainbow colors and seven matcing wool bowls. Balls are 2″ in diameter.
  • Animal Coverings Matching Tiles – Match the 15 animal tiles with their 15 coverings tiles. The back of the tiles feature colored dots for children to self correct. Includes 30 3″ x 2″ wooden tiles
  • Building Sticks – Perfect for stacking, sorting, counting and building, this set of 18 building sticks includes cherry, maple, and walnut pieces in 6″ lengths.
  • Sorting Trays – Collect, sort, and arrange small manipulatives and table blocks with this set of 4 trays, each divided in different ways. Write-on wipe off surface.
  • Geometric Puzzle Set – This set of 4 Geometric Puzzles includes a circle, square, triangle, and pentagon with 2-5 pieces to each different color puzzle.
  • Experimental Seesaw – This tool helps children reason, count, make predictions, and draw conclusions as they arrange table blocks and other loose parts at either end.

Product Age Ratings:
Gemstone Matching Tiles are appropriate for 12 months +
Wool Balls Color Sorting Set, Geometric Puzzle Set are appropriate for 18 months +
Animal Coverings Matching Tiles are appropriate for ages 2+
Building Sticks, Sorting Trays, Experimental Seesaw, Balance, Table Towers, & Yim Yams Earth Colors are appropriate for ages 3+