Essential Indoor Investigations Kit


This exclusive Kodo Investigation Kit gives you everything you’ll need to set up an exciting investigation centers focused on the study of ramps and inclined planes.

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Set up a space dedicated to the investigation of ramps and inclined planes. Kodo’s exclusive Magnet Wall is a vertical platform for investigating Newton’s laws of motion. Its large scale offers access for children of all abilities. We’ve included extra magnetic ramps and beautiful wooden coaster ramps set to support children’s explorations of systems and integrated parts. Our Discovery Ramp Triple Set comes with this package. It includes 42 ramps, 9 tubes, 30 wooden balls, and storage pieces with removable sections for use as loose parts. Individuals, teams, and groups of students will have plenty of materials to explore the physical science and engineering concepts inherent to work with inclined planes. Especially designed ramp elevation accessories round out the kit. The materials in this kit can be used to support K-5 Next Generation Science Standards outcomes. Proudly designed and made in the USA.

Essential Indoor Investigations Kit Includes:

  • Indoor Magnet Wall: A magnet wall that is vastly open-ended and expandable. The Indoor Magnet Wall Kit includes Two 34″ wide x 46″ tall metal panels where the children can stick, unstick and move magnetic rings which hold ramps, cups, tubes, and many other interactive pieces. This product requires assembly.
  • Magnet Wall Rubber Ramp – Add the wonder of the Rubber Ramp to your Magnet Wall! The rubber track attaches to the magnetic pegs to create roller coaster hills and even loops! Another unique way to explore physics on the Magnet Wall!
  • Magnet Wall Chutes and Tubes Pack – facilitates exploration of the many ways that a path can be redirected on your Magnet Wall!
  • Magnet Wall Investigations Book – includes activity descriptions, material lists, suggested library books, vocabulary, assessment indicators, and teaching tips. Perfect for children 3-12 years.
  • Discovery Ramps Triple Set: Discovery Ramps are an engaging way to introduce the fundamentals of Engineering and loose parts play to children. Thirty Wooden Balls (15 1.5” and 15 1.75”), Twelve 3 ft. Ramps, Eighteen 2 ft. Ramps, Twelve 3 ft. Ramps, Six 6” Tubes, Three 12” Tube
  • Ramp Holder x2: A dedicated space for your Discovery Ramps! This beautiful, yet functional Discovery Ramp Holder has removable tubes for use with play.
  • Swiss Ramp Stands: This unique ramp accessory set is a tool for adding height, dimension, and multiple pathways to children’s play with ramps. Includes: 7 pieces, which come together to create three towers in different sizes.
  • Deflectors: Place a deflector at the end of your ramp system and watch the balls change trajectory! Includes four deflectors.
  • See Inside Pipe: See Inside Pipe is an essential addition to ramp play and construction projects, or a perfect addition to your sand & water or sensory exploration! Contains a 1′, 2′ and 3′ section of See Inside Pipe. Can be used with 2″ PVC plumbing fittings.
  • Small Sandbags: Sandbags are unlike any common construction tool. A departure from wood blocks, the shape of a sandbag is only constrained by their flexible sleeve. **Bags arrive empty, sewn on one end, so children can help fill them with sand or other material. Once filled, simply fasten the other end and unleash the imagination!
  • Rubber Ramp with Stackers – 25′ section of ramp, 12 stackable stands and 10 wooden balls (5 – 2″ balls and 5 – 1.75″ balls).
  • 1.75″ Wood Balls – 10 Pack