Learn Approaches to Foster Engineering Kit


Featured in ourĀ Kodo Virtual Learning course ‘Learning Approaches to Foster Engineering’, this exclusive kit will help you get your classroom set up for Ramp Play!

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  • Rubber Ramp with sand bags: 25′ section of ramp, 30 small sandbags with ties, 20 large sandbags with ties, 10 wooden balls (5 – 2″” balls and 5 – 1.75″” balls). Sandbags come unfilled.
  • Fabric Bags – 3 Gallon Set of 4: A set of 4 three gallon waterproof, very durable bags with handles. Good for individual of group use, great for storing balls, use filled with sand 2 children can lift it.
  • Tube Kit: This essential Tube Kit includes several lengths of rigid white PVC and clear PVC tube, along with a flat wood home for them to live when not in use. A perfect addition to ramp play, block and construction area, or the sensory table. Includes the following:(Qty) Height x Diameter – (2) 4″tall x 6″ white tubes, (2) 11″ tall x 4″ white tubes, (2) 18″ tall x 3″ white tubes, (1) 24″ tall x 2″ see-inside pipe and (2) 12″ tall x 2″ see-inside pipe

Appropriate for ages 3+

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