Mad Mattr Classroom Pack


Classroom kit of 20 tools and 30 ounces of fabulous Mad Mattr for group experiences!

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Mad Mattr is a close cousin of Kinetic Sand. Soft and moldable, this sensory material will pack tight and stretch when pulled. It can be molded, mixed, stretched, twisted, and sculpted. Non toxic, gluten free, casein free, and easy to store – Mad Mattr never dries out! This classroom collection includes 30 ounces of green Mad Mattr (3 bags), 6 Ultimate Brick Makers, 12 Extruders, and 2 Safe cutting Tools.

Product Features:

  • Wheat, Gluten, & Casein Free
  • Easy to Shape and Mold
  • Cleans Up Easily
  • Never Dries Out

Appropriate for ages 3+

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