Oat Groats – 10lbs


A 10 lb bag of Oat Groats. Oat Groat is oatmeal before it is flattened! Scoop, poor or smash it – a fun sensory activity.

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Grab a hammer or a river rock to demonstrate the process of making oats into oatmeal. Perfect for use with Kodo’s STAK or Sift and Sort.

Grinding Review: Grinds okay on a course setting and a push stick is needed to get the grains into the grinding head. Creates a moist thick flour.

Growing Review: Sprouts in 2 days. A vigorous grower – can be planted close together to produce a thick field. Very similar to the wheat.

ITERS: 20. Nature/Science
ECERS: 22. Nature/Science
FCCERS : 20. Nature/Science

Appropriate for ages 3+