Outdoor Investigations Kit


Infuse your outdoor space with a STEM learning area.

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This collection of exclusive Kodo products and tools designed for outdoor investigation invite children to design, collaborate, build, and problem solve. Your outdoor spaces offer children naturalistic opportunities to communicate ideas, be inventive with their use of materials, and make connections to real world objects, structures, and the subject matter they’re learning about in school. As children move from concept to concrete representation, they’ll put their STEM skills to work. This kit features our Outdoor Magnet Wall and Aqua Circuits water system, and Outdoor Ramps Center. Proudly designed and made in the USA.

Outdoor Investigations Kit Includes:

  • Outdoor Magnet Wall: The Outdoor Magnet Wall Kit includes Two 34″ wide x 46″ tall metal panels where the children can stick, unstick and move magnetic rings which hold ramps, cups, tubes, and many other interactive pieces. Trim and ball catching trays are constructed out of durable plastic. This product requires assembly.
  • Extension Panel Pack: Extend play on your Magnet Wall with additional extension panels, complete with maple trim for indoor walls, weather resistant trim for outdoor walls, and ball catchers. Dimensions of the extension panels are 34″ wide x 46″ tall each. This product requires assembly.
  • Chutes and Tubes: The Magnet Wall Chutes & Tubes Pack includes a redirector, funnel with ring, two tunnels, and an elbow piece to allow exploration of the many ways that a path can be redirected on your Magnet Wall!
  • Extra Magnet Wall Ramps: The Magnet Wall Ramps Pack includes 4 magnetic ramps (1×3’, 1×2’, 2×1’), and 2 non-magnetic ramps (1×3’ and 1×2’).
  • Aqua Circuits: This set of tubes, bulb pumps, and water cups provides children with the opportunity to construct their own water pathways powered by hand on the Outdoor Magnet Wall! Includes: 3 Clear Tubes – 5ft, 3ft, and 2ft; 8 Clear Rigid Pipes, 5.25”; 8 Water Cups; 4 Lids; 2 Waterfall Pumps; 8 Rings; 1 Storage Tub (27 qt.)
  • Water Pitchers: This set of three graduated pitchers includes small, medium, and large sized handled containers to transport, measure, and pour.
  • Outdoor Ramps with Sandbags: Constructive creativity is limitless when children play with these versatile outdoor ramps. Made for water, balls or gravel, the ramp and stand set is a great way for children to interact with natural materials in any setting!Outdoor Ramps with Sandbags Option Includes: 12 ramps in 4″ and 3″ diameter ramps in 4 ft, 3 ft and 2 ft lengths, 10 1″ Outdoor Wooden Balls , 20 Large Sandbags, 30 Small Sandbags, 50 Sandbag Ties
  • Wiffle Balls: This set of 20 Original Wiffle Balls (10 small and 10 large) are a perfect addition to your space – offering contrasting weight, shape, and applications from other balls!
  • Outdoor Ramps Storage Center: Keep your Outdoor Ramps, existing rain gutters, or tubes and pipe in this sturdy Outdoor Ramp Storage Center.
  • Large Metal Pail: Metal Pails are a much needed staple in every active outdoor space. Children need to dig and fill, sort and collect, transport and dump! Large: 8 quart