Table Top Investigations Kit


Complex science, technology, engineering, and math concepts can all be explored on a tabletop or small space with this well rounded basic kit.

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This Kodo exclusive STEM kit was developed for programs with small spaces in mind. We’ve included a variety of uniquely compelling tools and products to spark curiosity, creativity, and critical thinking. With Kodo’s Light Lab as a centerpiece, your students will have opportunity to investigate color mixing with light, geometry, line, composition, and more. Our Marble Rubber Ramp was especially designed by our team to support roller coaster curriculum common in K-5 science curriculum. A collection of loose parts, including our beautifully crafted Geometric Wood Shapes and Links offer exploration of engineering and desing process concepts. Also included are a set of Makedo tools and parts so that kids can make their own contraptions and accessories.

Table Top Investigations Kit Includes:

  • Marble Rubber Ramp: With three 8 ft. sections of ramp and plenty of marbles, the Marble Rubber Ramp can easily accommodate up to three groups of young engineers. An included storage bag makes this set portable and convenient for sharing between classroom spaces. Includes: 3 Marble Rubber Ramp Tracks, 8 ft each; 30 Assorted Marbles; 5 Steel Ball Bearings; 1 Canvas Storage Bag
  • Links: These Links are an ideal natural loose part for your classroom. The natural wood and beautiful shape intrigue children to build and create. This set of 40 wooden Links are sure to bring new dimension to table top building projects. Made from baltic birch, these beautiful shapes are perfect for stacking, ordering, and arranging to represent figures or machines. We’ve added holes so you can combine them with string and more.
  • Table Towers: This carefully selected collection of many of our wooden loose parts kits includes 73 smooth wooden cubes, rings, domes, people and narrow planks. Designed to support children as they learn about balance, weight, and pitch.
  • Light Lab Panel: he only light panel that allows direct physical control of color mixing – adjust the amounts of red, blue, and green for infinite color combinations. Includes Light Lab Panel and one screen protector. SPECS AND MATERIALS: Dimensions: 1.75” by 29.75” by 27.25”; Material: Russian Birch Frame, Aluminum knobs, galvanized steel plates; Weight: 10 lbs; Super bright LED panel; 10,000 hour bulb life
  • Light Lab Drawing Board: The Light Lab Drawing board is perfect for creating works of art with window markers and dry-erase crayons! Dimensions: 27.125” diameter, 0.5” thick; Material: Clear Polycarbonate
  • Light Lab Marble Board: Remade to fit our new Light Lab perfectly, this Marble Light Board provides opportunity for color mixing and math experimentation. Includes marbles in a variety of colors. Dimensions: 24.1” diameter, 0.25” thick; Material: Black ABS Plastic; Includes ~480 frosted marbles in an assortment colors.
  • Harlekino: Harlekino introduces children to color theory by providing 60 cards in red, blue, and yellow in varying numbers of circles and squares. Includes: 60 clear plastic placement cards and Instructions leaflet.
  • Makedo Invent: All your students can make fantastic cardboard creations together with the Makedo Toolset! This pack contains 366 reusable tools for the whole group to enjoy!
  • Bendy Builders: Encourage making in your classroom with this versatile set of 96 Bendy Builders! Includes: 48 three inch Bendy Builders, 24 six inch Bendy Builders, 24 twelve inch Bendy Builders, Canvas bag for convenient storage
  • Geometric Wood Shapes: This 94 piece set of beautiful geometric shapes are an ideal loose part for your classroom. Stack, sort, nest, build, the possibilities are endless!
  • Experimental Seesaw: This tool helps children reason, count, make predictions , and draw conclusion. Use with any small building bricks, figures, or loose parts you have on hand. Made of beech multiplex, lacquered, approx. 43,5 x 6,6 x 9 cm
  • Endless Pattern Tiles: beautiful set of 104 wooden pattern tiles.