Toddler Home Kit


Toddlers and Two’s love objects in motion! Play and exploration with Ramps causes them to think about how and why things move

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Young children develop counting and other mathematical skills largely by using concrete objects during hands-on experiences. The materials in this At Home Thinking Kit for toddlers have been selected to support learning in the following areas:

  • Numbers and Counting
  • Quantity
  • Measurement
  • Order and Pattern
  • Shapes and Spatial Relationships
  • Combining (addition) and Taking Away (subtraction)
  • Comparison


  • 5 Small Wooden Spool
  • 5 Large Wooden People Figure
  • 5 Treaded Wooden Wheel
  • 1 Tunnel
  • 5 9” Toddler Ramp
  • 5 2” Wooden Ball
  • 5 Small Sandbags (bags ship empty)
  • One – Tube

Appropriate for 18 months +