Translucent Sensory Beads


These translucent plastic sensory beads appear to glow when used on top of a light panel.

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Kodo’s Translucent Sensory Beads are milky white and appear to glow when placed atop our Light Lab Panel. As children mix up their own colors, the beads allow the colored light to pass through them. Of course, that makes them irresistible! We’ve included just the right amount to fill our Messy Materials Tray. Can be used over and over again.


  • 7lbs. of Translucent Sensory Beads

Appropriate for ages 3+

To clean, place small amount in a very fine mesh lingerie bag, submerge in soapy water, and rinse thorughly. Allow to completely air dry. Or spread a thin layer on a large white towel. Spray with a mild bleach solution. Allow to completely air dry.

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Swipe carousel to the left or to the right while holding your finger on the display.