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Professional Development

Kodo's Professional Development program was developed as a part of our overall vision and commitment to supporting continuous quality improvement (CQI) in early childhood programs. Our sessions help educators recognize, create opportunities for, and implement thoughtful facilitation of children’s learning.

Kodo Professional Development services include sessions and materials that inform and transform an educator’s practice by:
     - translating theory into practice
     - providing hands-on interactive experiences for adult learners
     - using multimedia resources to observe and model successful practical strategies
     - offering opportunities for professional reflection

The pedagogical foundation infused throughout our trainings is Kodo’s Investigation-Based Teaching Practices™, which is aligned with and helps strengthen adult-child interactions as measured with CLASS™.

Our sessions encompass:
     1.) expanding the learning approach and mindset of educators
     2.) providing environmental strategies to engage children
     3.) specific strategies to deepen adult-child interactions

Half day format for $1800*
Full day format for $2500*
2 hours or less (where available): $800*
Keynote/Special Event: Call for pricing
*plus travel expenses


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