Product Bundle

A package focused on providing hands-on training for educators with a kit of materials to support implementation in the classroom. Effective educators use questions to support and encourage children to make predictions, reason, employ what they already know and challenge them to solve problems in new ways. With the growing focus supporting STEM learning, the Next Generation Science Standards, 21st Century Skills and learning through facilitated play experiences, this kit provides educators the tools to add depth and value to children’s learning through facilitating in-depth and intriguing opportunities engaging with open-ended materials.

Each kit includes:

  • A specialized package of Kodo materials
  • A half-day training with a Kodo Certified Trainer
  • Facilitated learning with the kit materials and understanding of the learning that occurs in the classroom

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Uncovering STEM through Play

Training Description:

The core knowledge today’s students need is grounded in STEM subject matter. It includes literacy, numeracy, scientific literacy, technology literacy, and cultural literacy. These subjects are typically taught individually through direct instruction. Many higher education and industry leaders recognize that young adults entering colleges, universities, and the workforce have a core knowledge base, however, they lack the ability to “flex” their thinking. 21st-century learners approach complex challenges and unknown situations fluidly, through critical thinking, problem-solving, creativity, communication, and collaboration. They apply curiosity, initiative, persistence, adaptability, leadership, and social awareness to their changing learning and work environments.

Looking through the lens of 21st-century learning and the skills children need to succeed, we will provide educators with an understanding of how STEM is naturally occurring in children’s everyday play, exploration, and investigation of their world. We’ll look at how STEM domains overlap, how children best experience STEM early on, and ways to foster a deeper level of thinking in children’s play. Further, we will assist in the discovery of how educators can support and enhance children’s cognitive, social, and emotional play through STEM investigations. Through hands-on experiences with Kodo’s exclusive STEM-based products and loose parts, a reflection of their learning through play, and enhanced engagement from experienced trainers, participants will have the knowledge and tools to uncover and incorporate STEM thinking and skills in the classroom environment.

Objectives: Participants will:

  • Have an understanding of STEM domains and how they relate to 21st-Century learners and skills.
  • Identify different types of materials and vocabulary that relate to STEM learning and thinking.
  • Examine how STEM learning happens throughout the early childhood environment.

The following products are included in this package:

  • Mobile Magnet Wall (includes fundamentals pack)
  • Wind Tunnel (fan included)
  • Discovery Ramps Deluxe
  • Swiss Ramp Stands
  • Rubber Ramp (12”)
  • Marble Rubber Ramp
  • Makedo Safe Saw
  • Makedo Scru Driver
  • ‘Makedo Scru (XL)
  • Links
  • Wooden Loose Parts Kit

Demystifying Engineering in Early Childhood

Training Description:

Engineering happens every day in early learning environments. In this session, we will demystify this topic by clarifying and identifying ways engineering is naturally incorporated in the industry and play of children. We will examine how providing intriguing loose parts and facilitating problem-solving using the design process are at the heart of engineering. We will introduce Kodo’s TMI Design Process to engender problem-solving skills, support children’s growing methods of communication, and introduce a framework for collaboration. Participants will learn how to foster an engineering mindset in children by focusing on process, in addition to outcomes when facilitating their play and investigations. Come tinker with materials, experience engineering first hand, and recognize the learning that occurs through reflection and representing both our own work and the work of children.

Objectives: Participants will

  • Identify ways engineering is naturally occurring in children’s everyday work and play.
  • Examine how providing intriguing loose parts and facilitating problem-solving using the design process are at the heart of engineering.
  • Be introduced to Kodo’s TIMI Design Process to solve problems.
  • ‘Learn how to foster an engineering mindset by focusing on process, making keen observations, and documenting play and investigations.

The following products are included in this package:

  • Wooden Loose Parts Kit
  • Ramp Center Kit
  • Criss Cross Blocks
  • Ramp Caddy
  • Tube Set
  • Tunnel Set
  • Small Rainbow Wool Balls
  • Black and White Balls
  • Melody Balls
  • Toddler Ramp Kit
  • Tins
  • Blue Wool Stack
  • Cloth Tails
  • Medium Korxx
  • Gem Blocks
  • Connect Blocks
  • Play Clips
  • Spiral Balls
  • Marble Rubber Ramp

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