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About Investigation Based Teaching

Investigation Based Teaching Practices™ are aligned with and strengthen Classroom Organization and Instructional Support strategies addressed in the CLASS™. These practical strategies support the thoughtful facilitation of children’s learning through investigative open-ended play. Kodo’s Investigation-Based Teaching Practices™ help educators recognize and establish habits of thoughtful responsive facilitation.

Investigation Based Teaching Practices™ are founded on the following concepts:

Learning Approaches

1. Deepen learning through reflective practice for adult and children
2. Focus on process, not just outcomes
3. Model design thinking & ideation
4. Embrace mistakes, failures, and constraints as opportunities


5. Provide intriguing open-ended materials, tools and loose parts
6. Adapt the learning environment, materials, and schedule to be responsive and relevant to children’s investigations

Adult/Child Interactions

7. Practice followership of child-initiated investigations
8. Practice responsive teacher facilitation & provocations

All of our Professional Development Seminars draw on concepts from Kodo’s Investigation Based Teaching Practices. 


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