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Puzzle Ball Track

Item# 150010

Introduce systems thinking to children ages 3+ with this set of 28 wooden connecting tracks and 7 balls. Connect the tracks in endless ways to encourage experimentation with motion and speed.


  • Kodo Kids Puzzle Ball Track
  • Kodo Kids Puzzle Ball Track
The Puzzle Ball track provides children a beginner's course in ramps and pathways as they peice together components of the track to create an ongoing course for a ball to roll. Because of its lack of incline, children are required to physically move the ball to test its course. They'll discover new ways to make the ball move, fast and slow, and how curves affect their trajectory with this simple and compelling course.

28 Components with 10 Connectors in different shapes
7 Balls in different colors

Example size : A long straight track is 18 x 9 cm

Appropriate for ages 3+