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Rough Rollers

Item# 100180

These rough, unfinished pine logs are a natural addition to your construction space. Straight from the forest, Rough Rollers are made from coarse and sometimes splintery Beatle Kill Pine from Colorado - making them a unique sensory experience to include in your construction area.

The raw nature of these logs makes splinters a possibility - offered for teachers who push the limits!

Shipping In February 2018


  • A great photo from @englishforfun on Instagram!
Rough Rollers are just that - rough! They are not sanded to a smooth finish, meaning every log has a different set of cracks, fissures, splits, and pattern of rings. These natural features are a unique way to include sensory play into your construction space.

When you're not rolling them down grassy slopes, supporting structures, or stacking and building, use Rough Rollers to bring a natural aesthetic look and feel to your environment.

The raw nature of these logs makes splinters a possibility - handle with intention!

This 18 piece set includes: Three 8" Tall Logs Six 4" Tall Logs Nine 2" Tall Logs All logs approximately 4-5" diameter. Peeled pine logs. No stain/finish. These are raw logs and splinters may occur.

“Come on, let’s make a bunny house…..get some of those rolly logs.”
Kate age 4.8 yrs

‘“Hey guys, these new logs make good yoga blocks!”
Nate age 7.2 yrs.

“Did you see that one go? It went all the way to the fence!”
“Yep, that’s why I call them rollies!”
Tony and Mykisha ages 4.9 and 5.1 yrs.

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