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Sala Screens

Item# 107505

Use our new Sala Screens to define a space for focused play, to change traffic flow, or even hang to “soften” fluorescent ceiling lighting. Set of 3.

Sale $149.00

  • puppet show with the sala screen
  • base of a sala screen
  • direct the flow of traffic with sala screens
  • Sala Screens
  • dim the lights with a sala screen
Today’s teachers need flexibility when arranging spaces to suit the needs and interests of children. Portable, neutral pieces are in demand. When placed in front of a window or in direct sunlight, the screen will cast a beautiful shadow. Can be positioned horizontally or vertically to suit your needs. Special foot design allows you to place two or more close together and make corners, too! Makes a great impromptu puppet stage!

The Sala Screens come in a set of 3.

Each screen is 23" wide and 57" tall. The base is 21" long with 18" wide.

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