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Sand Rollers

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Sand Rollers create intricate patterns and compositions as they glide across sand in the Sand Tray. Each set contains 3 rollers, 7 7/8 inches long and made of durable plexi-glass.

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Sand Rollers - Patterns
Sand Rollers - Lines

  • Sand Rollers - Patterns
  • Sand Rollers - Patterns
  • Sand Rollers - Lines
These Montessori designed Sand Rollers are ideal for developing fine-motor skills, hand-eye co-ordination and concentration. Children will be fascinated by the intricate patterns which can be made. A wide array of decorative materials can be added to further enhance the patterns in the sand e.g. shells, pebbles, buttons.

Each pack includes 3 plexi glass rollers - 7 7/8 inches

Appropriate for ages 3+

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