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Sand Tray Light Panel

Item# 202080

Created for use under the Sand Tray, this slim light panel illuminates the clear bottom, intensifying sand designs with vibrant white light.

Shipping in February 2018


Use light as a medium for design and composition. Place the Light Panel under the Sand Tray to illuminate the clear bottom. As sand is moved, vibrant white light fills the negative space. Lines, swirls, and shapes are emphasized as children focus on the artistic process of design.

Designed with a thin profile, the Light Panel neatly tucks under the Sand Tray to ensure stability . It can also be used on its own as a tabletop light panel for tracing and drawing.

1 Light Panel - 24in x 18in x 0.28in thick
1 Power Cord
Clean with a dry microfiber cloth. Do not sit or stand on the surface. Do not use with water. Do not draw directly on the surface.
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