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Sand Tray Studio Kit

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The Sand Tray Studio Kit includes all the tools, accessories, and materials you need to set up a Sand Tray Center in your classroom, studio, or community space.

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  • Kodo Kids Sand Tray Studio Kit
The Sand Tray Studio Kit includes everything you need to set up a Sand Tray Center in your classroom, studio, or community space. Use the tray for early writing practice, tracing activities, drawing, and patterning.

Sand Tray: Sand Trays are perfect for sensory work in the classroom. A clear bottom makes it perfect for mixing light and sand. Comes with a sand smoother and two patterned rakes for creating patterns and 2.2 lbs of white sand.

Sand Tray Light Panel: Created for use under the Sand Tray, this slim light panel illuminates the clear bottom, intensifying sand designs with vibrant white light.

Sand Tray Mirror: A fascinating way to explore and experiment with the concepts of reflection and symmetry, this acrylic glass mirror has a wooden base for use in the sand tray or on a table top.

2 Sets of Sand Rollers: Sand Rollers create intricate patterns and compositions as they glide across sand in the Sand Tray. Each set contains 3 rollers, 20 cm long and made of durable plexi-glass. Includes 1 Lines Roller and 1 Patterns Roller.

Sand Writer: The Sand Writer explores pre-writing skills and dexterity with a sensory twist. Children will love watching sand trickle from the small opening as they experiment with lines, letter, and number forms.

Wooden Sand Pencil: Wooden Sand Pencils are a small tool that encourage fine motor work in sand play with very focused and intricate designs. Use as you would a pencil on paper!

Patterned Rolling Pins: This set of 4 hardwood rolling pins make different patterns as they roll across the sand. A great addition to the Sand Tray.

Extra Sand Tray Sand: This fine, silvery sand is perfect for exploration with design creation, patterning, and light in the Sand Tray. 1 bag is 2.2 lbs - enough to fill the tray!

Appropriate for ages 3+

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