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Sander Kit

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Our sanding kit contains specifically selected soft balsa wood blocks for sanding. This very light wood sands easily to keep kids interested, but it is dense enough to challenge them to work hard.

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  • Kodo Kids Sander Kit
  • Kodo kids Sander Kit Sensory Exploration
Highly acclaimed early childhood educator, Bev Bos, has always said that children need to work hard and see the result of that work! We can't agree more. Like our Pump Works, these hand sanders provide children with the challenge to work hard and see the result of that work.

A perfect activity for little hands! Sanding is a great introduction to subtractive sculpture, a basic skill necessary in engineering and art.

Four sanding blocks with sandpaper refills have been designed for children's hands. Our unique design holds the sandpaper securely while still easy for an adult to change out the paper.

This kit contains:
4 hand sanders
12 strips of heavy duty sandpaper
4 balsa wood blocks
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