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Sensory Center Sorting Kit

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Providing a sensory rich “diet” in the classroom is important for brain development, scientific inquiry, differentiating material attributes, and developing critical thinking skills.The Sensory Center Sorting Kit has everything you need to set up a portable sensory exploration space in your preschool to school age setting.

  • Outdoor Sifter Scoops!

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  • Sensory Center Sorting Kit (stand not included)
Young children have a natural proclivity toward sensory experiences. From birth, we learn about the world through touch, taste, smell, sight, and hearing. Stimulating the senses helps the brain to strengthen neural pathways and is essential for learning. While pouring, filling, and sifting, mathematical concepts such as size, scale, position, weight, and volume are learned through experience and experimentation. Children compare, classify sort, measure, and make predictions - all a natural result of play with sensory materials.

The Sensory Center Kit includes:

Activity Tray
Sift & Sort
Set of 2 Jurassic Sifter Scoops
4 Small Scoops
10lbs Mung beans
10lbs Flax Seeds
10lbs Buckwheat
25lbs Crunchy Cocoa
3 bricks of Kodo Coconut
Teaching Guide

Appropriate for ages 3+

Warning! Coconut is classified as a tree nut.

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