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Sensory System Sand Kit

Item# 109041

The portable Sensory System Sand Kit includes an abundance of Jurassic Sand in four varieties, our exclusive watertight Activity Tray, and beautifully designed Funnel Stand. A unique set of sand sifting diggers along with several traditional sifters round out this comprehensive kit for exploring and uncovering the many attributes of sand.

Price as configured: $445.00
  • Kodo Kids Sensory System Sand Kit
Sensory play can be thought of as “food for the brain.” It naturally helps to develop the sense of touch, strengthens fine-motor muscles, invites scientific inquiry, and supports the discovery and differentiation of material properties. Sand is a staple of the early childhood classroom. It can be wet or dry, cool or warm, smooth or rough, sculpted, molded and more. We’ve included four types of Jurassic Sand, (mined in Utah), which offer a variety of textures, sizes, and colors. This kit’s tools and materials support systems thinking, understanding of mathematical concepts, and compel children to revisit their discoveries over and over again. With the Sensory System Sand Kit, learning comes naturally.


Activity Tray
Toddler Funnel Stand
4 Scoops
25 lbs. Jurassic Sand
8 lbs. Jurassic Knot Sand (This sand is lighter, so 8lbs is the same volume as 25 lbs of regular sand)
25 lbs Jurassic River Bed Sand
25 lbs Jurassic Purple Pink Garnet Sand
4 Metal Sifters
Set of 2 Jurassic Sifter Scoops
Teaching Guide

Appropriate for ages 3+

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