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Sensory Table Accessory Kit (STAK)

Item# 101010

An exploration platform that reinvigorates play in your sensory table.


  • Kodo Kids Sensory Table Accessory Kit (STAK)
  • two sifting screens
  • add to your existing sensory table
  • screen in a tub
  • sensory screen with play
  • Sensory Table Accessory Kit (STAK)
The Sensory Table Accessory Kit (STAK) is a multipurpose activity platform for your sensory table.

Sensory tables are a must in every classroom and are the perfect place to explore different materials at a height just right for children. Even with play happening day in and day out, the sensory table can become monotonous. This interactive tray is perfect for teachers who are eager for something new and exciting for their sensory tables!

The STAK easily attaches and detaches to your existing sensory table and presents tools to the children in an engaging manner encouraging plenty of science and sensory exploration.

The Single STAK is made up of a durable wooden tray, two sifting screens, 3 acrylic scoops, 3 plastic funnels and 2 Plastic Diggers.

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