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Silk Parachute

Item# 202030

Toss ‘em, throw ‘em, catch ‘em! Our Silk Parachutes are guaranteed to get kids thinking about flight, lift and gravity all while having a great time!


  • Kodo Kids Silk Parachute
While at play with these beautiful new Kodo Finds, your children will be using not only their bodies but their minds, too! Our favorite application is for use in our classroom Wind Tunnel, but we also love to launch them from high up on playground climbers. Experiment with drag, force and buoyancy by adding more weight to the suspended pocket. Each Silk Parachute comes with a small rubber ball but we suggest adding large washers, gems or even pebbles. Used outdoors or in, it will not only delight your children but lead to wonderful investigations. Archimedes principles in the preschool classroom - you betcha!

Appropriate for ages 3+

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