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Perfect for safe tossing and catching, Skytails put imaginative motor play into action! (limited quantities)

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  • rainbow comet skytail exploration
  • shooting star skytail
  • skytails play based learning
  • Kodo Kids Skytails
These beautiful, soft, silk toys are sure to have your kids moving! And we know that when kids are moving, they’re thinking! Use them indoors when weather prevents outdoor play or whenever a game of toss and catch strikes your children’s fancy. Constructed of silk and polyester, Skytails can be hand washed and air dried. Comes in two styles, Rainbow Comet and Shooting Star.

A "bonkless" rubber ball (soft batting & covered in silk) it is easy to throw by the tail and does not hurt when you get hit by it.

Bounces along the ground a few times for more catching chances.

Rainbow comet is a red stuffed ball with a rainbow silk tail.

Shooting Star skytail is a star-shaped stuffed ball with a starry-night sky silk tail.

Appropriate for ages 3+

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