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Spectrum Light Lab

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Beautiful and intriguing, the Spectrum Light Lab is certain to garner attention in your program. Fully dimmable, with three control knobs to mix colors, children, no matter their age, will find it hard to resist a try!

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  • Coming Soon! A new Spectrum Light Lab
Light is mysterious and we’ve designed a way for children to explore mixing colored light, while also supporting autonomy, initiative and curiosity.The three knobs, (permanently mounted to the top surface) control the intensity of the colors Red, Green and Blue. Rather than using plain white bulbs, as found in other light table designs, we use Red, Green and Blue (RGB) LED’s. LED’s are Diodes, an electrical component which will last thousands of hours. In other words there are no bulbs to replace! Unlike paint, combining light is an additive process in which the more colors you add, the closer you get to white light. Children learn these concepts through experimentation and play. As children turn and adjust the colors up or down they gain an intuitive understanding of the basic, but important concept of using a knob as a control interface. You will notice the precision of their movements will increase as they have time to explore.

The intentional design does not have sharp corners to get in the way of children as they investigate the additive process of color mixing with light. Natural lighting changes with the seasons and so we’ve included locking casters so you can reposition this beautiful piece easily as the seasons change. The less overall light you have in the room, the better the effect of the Spectrum Light Lab. For best visual intensity, place away from direct sunlight and bright overhead lighting. It’s lightweight for ease of transport and is perfect for outreach programs - all you need is a power source. Use magna-tiles, x-rays, and paper cut-outs to inspire storytelling, develop new vocabulary, and explore the properties of light.

Comes fully assembled.
This product ships via freight. Please call for a shipping quote.
Support young children’s explorations with books such as these:
The Rainbow Goblin, The White Goblin by Ul De Rico
The Rainbow Book by Kate Ohrt
Oscar And The Moth by Geoff Waring
Light: Shadow, Mirrors, and Rainbows by Natalie M. Rosinsky
The Moon Book by Gail Gibbons

transparent, translucent, opaque, hue, shade (color), diffuse, absorption, shadow, eclipse, beam, wave, radiant, luminous, non-luminous, illumination, reflection, refraction, intensity, brightness, visible, invisible, glow, highlight
(TIP: Print the vocabulary words on transparencies and then use the directly on the Spectrum Light Lab)

Suggested accessories:
Clear Acrylic Magnetic Building Toys
Clear, acrylic boxes and other containers
Plastic mirrors
Theater lighting gels
Tissue Paper
String, yarn, and shoelaces
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