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Spectrum Light Lab With Podium

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Light is one of the most intriguing elements we experience. The Spectrum Light Table brings the exploration of light and color to your library’s early learning spaces.

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  • spectrum light lab with x-rays and magna-tiles
  • spectrum light lab
  • play podium
  • spectrum light lab with x-rays
Ordinary light tables are boxes of white light with two settings; on and off. Kodo’s Spectrum Light Table is fully dimmable and color changing. By turning the three dials located on the tabletop children can adjust the intensity of Red, Green, and Blue light to experiment with full spectrum color mixing. Turn on the Red light then add some Blue to create Purple. Unlike paint, combining light is an additive process in which the more colors you add, the closer you get to white light. Children learn these concepts through experimentation and play.

This unique product will intrigue and inspire children to combine materials, examine objects and discover the properties of light and shadow, transparency, opacity and color. It’s lightweight for ease of transport and is perfect for outreach programs - all you need is a power source. Use magna-tiles, x-rays, and paper cut-outs to inspire storytelling, develop new vocabulary, and explore the properties of light.

For best visual intensity, place away from direct sunlight.

The Spectrum Light Lab is 45" wide, 25" in depth, and 21" tall.

Our “Play” Podium includes a places for books, brochures, and a handy white board. In addition, this "Play" Podium features a magnetic side for easy and handy storage of the magnet pieces. Write vocabulary words or use the magnets on the white board for child and parent interaction. Or pose a few questions about gravity, speed, momentum or force. Plenty of room for fiction and nonfiction books at children’s eye level to spark interest!

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Support young children’s explorations with books such as these:
The Rainbow Goblin, The White Goblin by Ul De Rico
The Rainbow Book by Kate Ohrt
Oscar And The Moth by Geoff Waring
Light: Shadow, Mirrors, and Rainbows by Natalie M. Rosinsky
The Moon Book by Gail Gibbons

Suggested accessories:

- Magna Tiles

- Clear, acrylic boxes

- Plastic mirrors

- Plastic petri dishes to fill with buttons, ribbons, and other textured items

- Theater lighting gels

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