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Swiss Ramp Stands

Item# 100126

Swiss Ramp Stands add instant elevation to play with ramps. Use with any of Kodo's ramp sets.


  • Kodo Kids Swiss Ramp Stands (ramps and balls not included)
This set of seven ramp stands resemble Swiss Cheese! Tabbed construction design allows children to link them together to form walls, corners, and zig-zag shaped elevation structures. Use this unique accessory with Kodo's Discovery Ramps, Rubber Ramp, Marble Rubber Ramp,Toddler Ramp Set, See Inside Pipe or your own cove molding and cardboard tubes. Height naturally affects the slope of the ramp, which, in turn, affects the speed of the object traveling down it. All pieces store flat and can be easily assembled by children three years and up. Designed to promote children's understanding of physical science concepts, Swiss Ramp Stands are a wonderful addition to your ramp construction and engineering space.

7 Swiss Ramp Stand pieces
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