Kodo + Teaching Strategies


Like chocolate and peanut butter, some pairings are undeniably wonderful. We are so pleased to announce that Kodo and Teaching Strategies have partnered together! Our teams have collaborated to create unique packages of high-quality materials to support high-quality instruction.

With a focus on solutions, the Kodo Interest Area Kits support teachers to effectively implement the Creative Curriculum and energize children’s active learning. You’ve come to expect excellence from two forward-thinking industry leaders and we’re so excited that our friendship will result in your children’s successful classroom experience.

Hands on experience is learning at its best. Through play children experience numeracy, literacy, science, social interactions, and so much more. Play is learning and Kodo provides play.

At Kodo we all believe in the impact quality materials have on children's lives. We work everyday to research, design, build, communicate, and shape the power of play to impact the lives of children around the world.


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