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Timber Stackers

Item# 100175

Remember those log builders you used when you were a kid? Well they just grew up!

Timber Stackers is a set of 95 large scale construction pieces which can be stacked to create amazing structures. They’re simple to use, just align the notches.


  • Build a Timber Stacker House
  • Kodo Kids Timber Stackers
  • Timber Stacker Wall
  • Build Anything with Kodo Kids Timber Stackers
  • Kodo Kids Timber Stackers
Constructed of beautiful Redwood, Timber Stackers are strong but light enough for children to move on their own. The three sizes offer variety for building walls, roads, bridges and of course, houses! Finally a new way to put construction and engineering into your outdoor classroom!

Set includes:
- 57 small pieces (9" x 3" x 1.5")
- 23 medium pieces (21.5" x 3.5" x 1.5")
- 15 large pieces (34" x 3.5" x 1.5")

Use indoors in your dramatic play space, large motor area or combine with other classroom builders such as hollow and unit blocks.

Use outdoors but keep out of standing water. We take ours outside all the time to play but it’s best to store Timber Stackers out of the elements.

Proudly made in the U.S.A.

Appropriate for ages 3+
Timber Stackers offer children countless ways to build their own imaginative environments. By stacking and connecting, their environment takes shape, in the form of trains, forts and magical castles. Provide fabric to fashion flags, banners, curtains and tent tops. Traffic cones, shoe boxes and empty baby wipes containers are just a few of the items we’ve seen children use with Timber Stackers.

Questions to promote High Quality Play -
How will people or objects move through, over or under the proposed structure?
How do the pieces differ from one another? How are they similar?
What configurations are useful when making a building foundation?
How does the right angle help when building walls?
If we made a “road” by laying the pieces end to end, how long would it be?
How will we measure and record our findings?

Extensions and Challenges:
build a structure with walls of varying heights
incorporate a window or threshold
design and build the widest structure possible with these materials
make a square, rectangle, rhombus, trapezoid, or cube
design and build a structure for one person, two people, and a group of people
make enclosures for all the stuffed animals in your room
build a bridge for cars to travel over and trains to travel under

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