The Kodo Dramatic Play Kits

Get Creative

Combining a variety of real props and open-ended materials is key to supporting children of all developmental levels in the Dramatic Play interest area.

Creating roles and story scripts invites communication, problem-solving, and connections to real-world experiences.

Full of charming props and realistic materials, the Enhancing Dramatic Play Kits feature products made from natural materials such as wood and wool. They’re sure to delight the senses and fuel imaginative play. Choose from Basic or Comprehensive to suit your space and needs.

Kodo Dramatic Play Basic Kit

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Kodo Dramatic Play Comprehensive Kit

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What’s Included:

Basic Kit

  • Wool Fruits Crated Set

  • Wooden Eggs

  • Playsilks — Red, Yellow, Orange, Green, Blue

  • Giant Play Silk

  • Nested Wool Bowls, Earth Colors

  • Wooden Clothespins Pack

  • Wood Play Clips Set

Comprehensive Kit

All items in the Basic Kit PLUS

  • Kodo Playscape Platforms

  • Empathy Dolls — Sofia, Johan, Emelie, Antonio

  • Felted Wool Pizza Set

  • Wool Bread and Board Set

  • Wool Vegetables Crated Set

  • Wool Bean Counters

  • Playsilk – Purple

  • Human X-rays

Why Kodo? Promote language and literacy skills, support social emotional growth