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Wheat Berries - 10lbs

Item# 201035

10 lbs of Wheat Berries! Raw Wheat Berries are perfect for grinding both fine and course flour. Bonus - the flour you grind can be used for baking!


  • Wheat for open ended play
  • Kernel for sensory exploration
  • Kodo Kids Wheat Berries - 10lbs
These are raw Wheat Berries. They are perfect for grinding and can be used to make wheat flour for baking. Eating is another story, because we all know flour, glitter and glue makes really delicious bread! Available in 10 lb bags.

Grinding Review: Grinds smoothly and with low effort. Works well for grinding both fine and course flour. Our grinder was made for wheat!

Growing Review: Sprouts in 2 days. A vigorous grower and can be planted very tightly to product a thick grass-like field.

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