Funny the moments you recall from days gone by in the classroom. Each winter, with the onset of piped-in holiday music in shops, stores, and local businesses, I am reminded of Mindy, a spritely four-year-old, who loved to sing her way through the day. From arrival to pick-up she filled our class with song, rhythm, and music. One afternoon during an icy cold December my class of fours were stuck inside and full of winter mischief.  Who could blame them, we were all suffering from cabin fever. Snack time rolled around and Mindy broke out in full voice while washing her hands. The tune was unmistakably Winter Wonderland, but her lyrics went something like this….

Gone away is a bluebird

Here today is a few birds

They sing a dove song

And bee bo along

Walking out with Mister Lunderland,

Oh walking out with Mister Lunderland!

Everyone clapped and started to sing along. Mindy’s rendition of Winter Wonderland inspired an afternoon of impromptu musical performances.  Even today I can’t help but giggle when I hear it.

Over the next couple weeks  your classroom may be abuzz with children eagerly anticipating all sorts of winter celebrations. Energy levels will undoubtedly be elevated and should your nerves become frazzled, just hum a little tune or take a deep breath and sing right out in full voice! Try changing up the lyrics to an old favorite or take everyone outside for a walk to find Mister Lunderland. There’s sure to be a child like Mindy in your classroom – take a cue from her or him and sing!

Diane Spahn, Kodo Education Director