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Wobbel Boards

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Is it a balance board, a swing, a bridge, a shop, a cave, a step, a racetrack, a seat, or an elephants back? Children instinctively know what the possibilities are for The Wobbel Board.

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Wobbel Board Natural
Wobbel Board Natural With Felt

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  • Wobbel Board Natural With Grey Felt
  • Wobbel Board Natural no felt
  • Wobbel Board Natural
The Wobbel Board is the wooden toy that moves young and old. This beautiful piece is a Waldorf classic redesigned! Over time, your children will discover and invent new ways to play with the Wobbel. It stimulates balance and poise. It inspires imagination and invention. It invites movement and gross motor play indoors. Choose the Wobbel Board Natural for use on carpets, mats, and foam tiles. Choose the Wobbel Board Natural With Grey Felt for use on tile,vinyl, and hardwoods.

The Wobbel Board Natural has no felt on the base.

CE tested and certified for children 0 months and older.

Designed in the Netherlands, the Wobbel Board Original and Wobbel Board 360 are made using European beech wood (FSC) and water based paints.To clean, use a damp cloth and wipe dry.
The standard Wobbel and Wobble with Felt are certified for children of 0 months and older. They are also suitable for older children and adults up to 400 pounds. The Wobbel is a balance board to be used standing on it. Other uses have not been tested and certified, so Wobbel B.V. cannot guarantee its safe use when used in other ways. Let children get used to the Wobbel slowly and help them by giving them a hand or two.
The Wobbel Boards are safety tested and CE, ASTM and AS/NZ certified for children of 0 months and older. Wobbel is a very mobile toy and, as always with these kinds of toys, adult supervision is required, especially for children of younger ages.
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