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Wood Balls

Item# wood-balls

Wood Balls are a staple loose part and ramp roller for the classroom!

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Product Name Price Qty
30 Wood Balls (Variety)
30 Weather Treated Wood Balls (Variety)
1.5" Wood Balls - 10 Pack
1.75" Wood Balls - 10 Pack
2" Wood Balls - 10 Pack
1.5" Weather Treated Wood Balls - 10 Pack
1.75" Weather Treated Wood Balls - 10 Pack
2" Weather Treated Wood Balls - 10 Pack

  • Kodo Kids Wood Balls
  • Weather Treated Wood Balls

These solid wood balls are great for ramps, both indoors and out. We offer 3 sizes, 1.5", 1.75" and 2" in diameter. Each size offers different challenges for children. The smaller balls stay on the ramps easier and the larger balls are heavier and have more momentum. Wood balls are a must for the classroom!

Outdoor Balls have a water resistant stain/finish.

Please note the 1.5" balls are considered a choking hazard, and the 1.75" balls are considered a small ball.

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