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Wooden Pebbles

Item# 163030

Natural, smooth, grained wooden pebbles are a perfect addition to your loose parts collection, sensory area, or dramatic play space.


  • Wooden Pebbles
  • Wooden Pebbles
Resembling a pebble, but made of wood, these natural "stones" make wonderful loose parts, dramatic play props, and construction items. Use them in the art studio with other natural materials for temporary composition or as inspiration models on the drawing or sculpting table. Smooth to the touch, these pieces are handy to keep in a basket during meeting times - so much nicer than plastic fidget toys!

Set of 9

Appropriate for ages 3+
Papoose Toys
Wood toys may be spot cleaned with mild detergent. Air dry. Due to the nature of natural materials colors may vary and may fade over time. Inspect wood toys for wear due to use over time.
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