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Wool Acorns

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Lovely wool and wood acorns are perfect for counting, patterning, or decorating your story playscape!


  • Wool Acorns
Handcrafted realistic acorns are certain to inspire imaginative play! This set of nine is made of felted wool in two autumn colors. Use them for sorting, counting, arranging, patterning, and decorating playscapes! We love to offer them along with a basket of real acorns so children can compare them. They're also great for adding to your loose parts collection, textured materials area, block construction space, or story table. We keep finding uses for this appealing set and are certain you will too!

Set of 9

Appropriate for ages 3+
Papoose Toys
Wool and wood toys may be spot cleaned with mild detergent. Air dry. Due to the nature of natural dyes and materials colors may vary and may fade over time. Inspect wood toys for wear due to use over time.
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