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Wool Balls Color Sorting Set

Item# 163004

Seven wool balls in each of the seven colors of the rainbow to sort into seven wool bowls. What a superb 56 piece set!


  • Wool Balls Color Sorting Set
A refreshing change from plastic, this sorting set appeals to children of all ages! The set includes 49 two inch balls; 7 red, 7 orange, 7 yellow, 7 green, 7 blue, 7 indigo, and 7 violet. The natural dyes result in rich hues making this set visually stimulating and aesthetically appealing. Balls can be sorted into the 7 color matched wool bowls that come with the set. This set is a beautiful addition to your math and manipulatives center, dramatic play space or sensory area. Use for counting, patterning, ordering, rolling, tossing, representing, and, of course, sorting! Due to the nature of natural dyes colors may vary. Ball Diameter 2"

Appropriate for 18 months +

Papoose Toys
Wool toys may be spot cleaned or hand washed using mild detergent. Rinse thoroughly. Air dry. Some shrinkage may occur. Due to the nature of natural dyes colors may vary and may fade over time.
Expand Your Play with Wool Balls Color Sorting Set