Kodo + Teaching Strategies – Kodo Kids

Like chocolate and peanut butter, some pairings are undeniably wonderful. We are so pleased to announce that Kodo and Teaching Strategies® have partnered together! Our teams have collaborated to create unique packages of high-quality materials to support high-quality instruction.

Kodo Kids

Over the years, Kodo has become the leader in innovative products in the early education field. Our truly open-ended materials offer teachers and children flexibility in the classroom.That, however, can also lead to confusion! For years, we’ve heard, “I love Kodo products, but how do I use them in our program?” Our answer, of course, is “There are endless possibilities! Use them to support your curriculum!” It’s always been important to us to help teachers connect open-ended materials with multiple learning objectives. Thus, our partnership with Teaching Strategies® came to be. By aligning our products with flexible frameworks for learning and assessment, educators are empowered to recognize the possibilities for how, why, and where children will benefit from them most. 

Each of the collections is organized by learning area. If your classroom environment is arranged in centers, these materials are well suited to support your children’s daily explorations! If you use the Creative Curriculum®, all of the materials will compliment your implementation and support many of the studies. If you practice an emergent or play-based curriculum, use the materials to support children’s interests and investigations throughout the classroom. 

Your program might be in need of new materials to rejuvenate classroom spaces or develop new learning centers. The nature of Kodo’s open-ended classroom tools ensures that children will use and combine them in ways that help them actively explore integrated concepts and ideas, support them to think critically and problem-solve, and may just surprise you with how creatively they invent ways to use them. When children have high quality materials that offer them choices, it’s not surprising that teachers notice a marked increase in engagement and communication.  All in all, use these collections to enhance your learning areas, fuel inquiry and investigation, support children’s emerging interests, and authentically assess children’s learning and skill development. 

Learn more about our curated collections here. There are four collections in each interest area, and range from a basic kit (Level I) and build up to our most robust and substantial kit (Level IV). And as always, contact us with questions! We’re always here to help!